Specialists in Commercial Relocation Cleaning

Moving out of an office or commercial space can be complex with so many factors to consider. A carefully thought out and planned approach should be developed with so many items both small and large to be relocated. On top of this, the office, commercial or industrial space being vacated requires a through clean and this can only be achieved by the right people, right equipment and the right skills to complete the job.  Your Simple and Clean Commercial Cleaning crew will be very experienced and can tackle any job that comes their way. Relocation can be smooth for your business with the team able to liaise and work with other service providers surrounding vacating an office space to achieve a streamlined approach without hassle.

A mistake that most businesses make is to take on the task of cleaning up the office after a relocation, although this may seem like a good idea and may save the company money, it is in fact the opposite and can be counterproductive for your team of employees. Without the right tools for a successful job, the cleaning process will become longer and may not be as thorough. It also takes time away from employees and further delays them from completing important tasks that need to be done for business operation.

Cleaning up a commercial space can often take the entire day to complete, windows need to be sparkling, walls need to be washed and carpet stains spot washed and extensively dry cleaned. Having employees away from their general duties can actually cost more for the cleaning process and may also contribute to loss in business revenue. This is exactly why you need commercial relocation cleaning by professional office cleaners after every move.

Services to Consider When Relocating

Relocating a large commercial office, car dealership or industrial warehouse all have one thing in common and that is it requires the need for specialist services for a smooth transition. It can often be a complex task to relocate and we are often asked about other services surrounding the relocation process. Here are three services to consider when relocating.

Compare Car Transport – Companies often have a commercial fleet of vehicles that need to be relocated. It is not just car dealerships that require cars to be moved but also medium to large businesses moving interstate. Car relocation is not something that occurs often so it is best to a get car transport quote or several to compare.

Office Movers – Professional removalists are a big part of any relocation requirement. One that is punctual with the right moving equipment to protect expensive office equipment such as computer screens, desktops and sensitive IT hardware. When it comes to enterprise IT assets, select a specialist in relocating high-value IT equipment.

IT Connection Support – Depending on the size of a company, they may or may not have a dedicated Information Technology team. This is certainly useful when it comes time to reconnect all IT equipment once relocated or even help in disconnection before relocation occurs. Select a knowledgeable IT connection company that is capable to assist with rapid reconnection to reduce down time experienced from employees. Connection of IT equipment is often complex and without the correct skills can result in equipment damage and cost the company.